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At a bizarre, drunken night with fairly new acquaintances, I have been told that the only species rarer than virgins are (gasp!) ladies like myself. Like what exactly, I dared to ask. Well, in layman’s terms, the dreaded status translates to “single since birth.”

My love gurus on that strange occasion further added that there’s a special place in heaven for “my kind”; a place where I will be able to “finally feel what it’s like to have and to hold someone.” A certain Pau (if my hazy memory serves me right) also pointed out that if one is a virgin AND has never been in a romantic relationship, he/she gets the “premium experience of Paradise, ever.” At this point I was hysterically laughing my head off, a response that merited hisses and snide remarks from the convinced crowd (who occupied at least 1/3 of the gargantuan dining area). 

Because I’ve been alone for the most part of my life (and not just on this red-letter day), I don’t think being single since birth is that big of an issue anymore. Of course there were standout February 14 surprises: the canned orange and blue stuffed bears from Bear Hugs in high school; the gorgeous yellow tulips sometime in sophomore college; a corny mix tape (an “extra delayed Valentine’s gift” last year) that now rightfully belongs in the waste bin. As it turned out, none of these gift bearers ever came close to becoming my (eeeppp) boyfriend.

Periodically, there were the pity parties. Rom-com DVD marathons, bowls of cheesy nachos, a box of Kleenex tissue and willing girlfriends. Sometimes extreme stalking on Facebook would do the trick, only to realize in the end how pathetic this scheme truly is.

Now as some of my closest friends are changing status relationships one by one (it’s not official unless it’s Facebook official), I keep mine on a lie low because I think the other aspects on my profile paint a more accurate picture of who I am and therefore, deserve more attention. Like my new PR job, or my upcoming hosting gig, or the fact that I opened another bank account most recently.

So let the attached have their share of this loving feeling (ohhh that loving feeling); they choose to be at their happiest. And for us, the girls in the single since birth bandwagon, the challenge would be to embrace singlehood in other ways than bouts of melancholy. We have, after all, a very special place in Paradise. Heehee!;)

May everyone feel extremely loved this Valentine’s Day (and beyond)!

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