• 18th November
  • 18

We have to quit giving other people crap for being different.

You think that overweight kid from volleyball class would never be able to shed those excess pounds? Give her a year or so, she might just discover the beauty of yoga or running. Maybe by then, we would want her on our team and she’d actually experience the joy of getting picked first.

Remember that four-eyed weirdo who always sits at the back of the library and talks to himself the entire time he’s seated there, alone? Who knows he must have been doing a lot of advanced reading and that could have been his strategy for recalling theories and equations. 

Looking at someone who’s obviously different than the “rest of us” is okay but staring, that’s just rude. Sometimes, we even talk about them in their presence using hushed tones, in whispers. That volleyball classmate, that genius weirdo —- they were in the form of an albino woman I was walking alongside at the Ayala underpass earlier today. People from as far as the other end of the tunnel were obviously wide-eyed, more than curious (at a certain extent, freaked out), to be seeing an unbelievably white human being.

Alright, so it’s not everyday you get to see an albino but you don’t really have to rub it in that she’s different. Way different. I glanced at her twice, purely out of curiosity and mostly in trying to let her know, “Hey, maybe you’re used to this, maybe you’re not. Whichever it is, you’re gonna be okay.” 

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